Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 1st

As promised, today's message will explain the best visit situation.

I am not an early bird.  If you come before eleven, you will probably find me still sleeping or, at best, fairly unresponsive.  My lunch is around the noon hour (whenever the trays are delivered).  After lunch, I'll be awake and fairly alert for an hour or so and then I'm going down for an afternoon nap until 4:30-ish.  Dinner trays are out around 5:30 and I'll be fairly alert until 7-8:00.

So the best time for a visit?  After lunch and dinner.  If I happen to be sleeping in my room, the staff will get me up for you.  Or I may be hanging out in the Day Room.

If you can alert Tracy you're coming, she'll let the staff know so they can make adjustments ahead of time for your visit.

Also, if I'm having a good day and able to respond to your questions/comments, please give me time to process.  I have too much time without mental stimulation and it takes me a while to get there.

I learned today an old friend plans to visit later this week. That's a great thing!


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