Wednesday, July 19, 2017

REMEMBER ME? I'M ADDIE!!!: Well, hello, ALL!Yes, it's been a while!!! You k...

REMEMBER ME? I'M ADDIE!!!: Well, hello, ALL!

Yes, it's been a while!!! You k...
: Well, hello, ALL! Yes, it's been a while!!! You know how it is when you have to depend on someone else.  You don't? Then I hope yo...
Well, hello, ALL!

Yes, it's been a while!!! You know how it is when you have to depend on someone else.  You don't? Then I hope you never have to.

I'm not at Friendship Manor any longer. I moved (or was moved) to Raleigh Court back in March. This is a much smaller facility and there's a lot to be sad for that.  Plus, it's only three blocks from Tracy and that makes things easier for her.  She's been a lifesaver; guess I could even say she's my "golden girl". 

My condition is pretty stable and my vital signs are pretty normal, but I sleep a lot. When I'm in one of those sleepy periods, I don't eat very much so I've lost weight. Getting my girlish figure back. (haha) When I'm not sleeping, my appetite is good. Tracy sees to it that I get nourishment.

Are you feeling the heat? Are you getting a lot of rain? I hope all of you are well.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and know that you're in mine.

Love to All!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hey! it's me. Addie!

Hey, it’s me. Addie.

This picture is of me in my early twenties when I was Addie Naomi Basham. Later, I became Addie B. Dillon, but I’ve always been Addie.  And I still am.

I lived a pretty good life. I was born to a large, loving country family. I had good parents, we went to church, we went to school, I knew love.

Along with my husband, Frank, we owned and operated Frank’s CafĂ© (AKA Frank & Addie's Cafe) in Rocky Mount, Virginia for 45 years.  In those years, I received the precious gifts of my children, Greg and Tracy, my grandchildren, Morgan and Layne, and made so many wonderful friends.

I especially enjoyed the church family I found at Franklin Heights Baptist Church and my associations with other professionals in American Business Women’s Association (ABWA).

I loved having my extended family visit during Christmas, one of our two opportunities to gather throughout the year. Since I’ve been disabled, Tracy and Greg have continued to honor my birthday (December 19) by hosting a birthday party for me at Friendship Manor. So many of my nieces and nephews, my brothers and sister, always come to celebrate the day.  In some way, it has been a way to continue that tradition.

The second was our annual family reunion. I never missed one. They were a highlight of my life when I got to visit with my many aunts and uncles and cousins from outlying areas. Those were great times.

I had the opportunity to travel extensively. I traveled abroad and to many of the states in the US. I loved it, experiencing different cultures, seeing the tourist attractions.

On December 19th, I will be 85 years old. Over those 85 years, I experienced much happiness.  I experienced sorrow. I was a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother, and a professional business woman. I worked hard, I loved hard, I lived my life. Isn't that what it's all about?

The past few years have been difficult. Dementia is painful. For everyone.

I’m still here!

Love to you all,


Thank you, Tracy, for your love and dedication.

My twin, Alcoy (1931 - 1947)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm here!

Wednesday, August 19th

Hello, Everyone!

I seem to have adapted an interesting behavior pattern.  I alternately appear to be sleeping for days and then, suddenly, I'm wide awake and connected to my surroundings.  I'm sure it's more interesting for Greg and Tracy to find me alert and "talkative." My weight is stable and my medical reports are excellent.  The anemia I once experienced is gone and my levels are all within acceptable limits.  As Tracy says, "That's what happens when she is fed decent food."  I can't complain about the food now; most of it actually tastes pretty good and is well prepared.  I can't complain about portion size either. Most of the time it's enough for two.

Tracy and Greg continue to feed me every day, either lunch or dinner meals, so they know at least I get one adequate meal a day.

Summer is flying by and soon the trees outside my window will begin to turn. I hope you've had a good summer, got a relaxing vacation.

Love to all of you,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Family Reunion Time

Thursday, June 25th

Hello, Everyone!!!

This coming Sunday is our annual Family Reunion.  (June 28th).  I always looked forward to this every year.  I got to see all my cousins - June & Jean, Brian, so many others.  I enjoyed getting my family (Frank, Greg & Tracy) ready to go.  Everyone needed to be spit polished and shined up good. New outfits, probably.  Then cook, cook, cook. Always took a big roasted turkey breast and lots of other side dishes.  (She made the best cole slaw on planet Earth. - Among other things - Lots of practice at home and at Frank & Addie's Cafe in downtown Rocky Mount. - Author)

Here's a picture of the last one I attended.

I'm looking fantastic in this picture.  Much, much younger than my years.  That's what comes of hard work and taking good care of yourself.  Eat right, keep that weight off, and exercise.

Left to right: My nephew Davis, niece Donna, niece Beverly, daughter Tracy, niece Cheryl, niece Patricia, nephew Larry, ME - ADDIE, and nephew Dale holding my hand.  What a sweet memory for all of us.

God blessed me with many happy times and many happy years.

Have fun!  I'll be there in spirit.

Much Love,