Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Well, hello, ALL!

Yes, it's been a while!!! You know how it is when you have to depend on someone else.  You don't? Then I hope you never have to.

I'm not at Friendship Manor any longer. I moved (or was moved) to Raleigh Court back in March. This is a much smaller facility and there's a lot to be sad for that.  Plus, it's only three blocks from Tracy and that makes things easier for her.  She's been a lifesaver; guess I could even say she's my "golden girl". 

My condition is pretty stable and my vital signs are pretty normal, but I sleep a lot. When I'm in one of those sleepy periods, I don't eat very much so I've lost weight. Getting my girlish figure back. (haha) When I'm not sleeping, my appetite is good. Tracy sees to it that I get nourishment.

Are you feeling the heat? Are you getting a lot of rain? I hope all of you are well.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and know that you're in mine.

Love to All!

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