Saturday, July 26, 2014


Saturday, July 26th

Today will be Greg's turn to visit.  He's my only son and I really to do love that he continues to come here at least twice a week to spend time with me and check on my well-being.  Both of them, Greg and Tracy, have busy lives and they've continued for many years now to visit and see to my needs.  It's not easy.

Yesterday was another one of Tracy's days.  After my dinner of ham and sweet potatoes (along with the usual fare), she pushed my wheelchair outside so I could get some fresh air.  The evening temperature was comfortable and as you can see there was a slight breeze.  I enjoyed the change of scenery.  Since I no longer walk on my own since the broken hip and dehydration episode, my scenery is pretty much limited to the inside walls and halls so, even though I've never really enjoyed being outside, it's nice to see something different.

If you're shopping in Roanoke and in the Hershberger area, stop by for a visit. Visitors are always a treat for me.  Maybe you could just plan a special trip to visit?

Tracy and I enjoying the evening breeze. 

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