Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday, July 7th

Hello, It's me, again!  Addie -

Summertime is here - I spend a lot of time lost in my memories these days and I've been thinking about many summers ago when we used to have a place at Campers Paradise on Smith Mountain Lake.  Back then, there were camper lots on the hillside above the marina and for several seasons we had a vacation trailer located on one of them where we spent the warm summer weekends.  My brother built and owned the original marina; in those days it was just a dock with a gas pump, a refrigerator for fish bait, and vending machines.  A true Campers Paradise.

So many memories of family visits, children sliding downhill in the mud, getting that boat launched successfully into the water (or not), children fishing from the dock and squealing with delight at their catch.  Boating with the family - my little ones in their wet swimsuits, wet towels.  It was a long time ago, like so many other important happenings.

Last week was a good week with a visit from a precious friend (J. D. Robertson and his son, Chaz) from the old days.  It's nice to be remembered.  I hope all of you will be - always.

In the meanwhile, have a BALL this summer!

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  1. Didn't know you had a place at Camper's Paradise. I remember going there a couple of times as an adult. Miss those days. Have a good day. Love you. Patricia