Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday, June 14th

(Author:  If you have a loved one or friend in a nursing home, please visit them.  It really does make a difference in the treatment they receive.  Addie is at Friendship Manor in Roanoke. Sometimes the care is good, sometimes it isn't.  Future posts will include both.)

I was in fairly good spirits when Tracy arrived this evening, just a bit sleepy and non-communicative.  Dinner was pretty good; spaghetti and a green vegetable mixture, but I wish I could show you the video Tracy shot of the BREAD.  After Tracy repeatedly banged it on the edge of the table, not a single crumb broke loose.  Hard as a brick.  Now, I've had hard rolls, but never had a ROCK served to me before.  That probably wouldn't have gone over too well at Frank's Cafe in Rocky Mount.  Maybe somebody will figure out how to transfer the video so it can be uploaded here.  It's pretty funny (not).

I'm thinking I'd like for Tracy to bring me some of her homemade spaghetti.

Time for a haircut on Monday. 


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