Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 28th

Dinner tonight was interesting.  Ham again (probably left over from last night - but that's okay, I like ham.  I'd just like more than four bites.)  Another resident's tray contained a whole piece of ham (he's on a soft mechanical diet like me which means everything is supposed to be chopped or pureed if it's difficult to chew or swallow) but his ham was NOT chopped and they pureed his SWEET POTATO? Sometimes some things around here just don't rate a comment because I can't think of one!

Tracy was surprised at some of my responses today.  I actually answered some of her questions with total clarity and diction.  

Plus, another visitor had a humorous story to share with her.  This visitor accidentally stepped on another resident's foot while trying to maneuver a wheelchair into position, and she apologized profusely. It's always been my nature to look out for people around me so I took the towel I like to hold in my hand, snapped it sharply at the offending party and said, "You leave her alone!"  

(That's the spirit, Sis!) 

I've always loved company.  Come see me!

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