Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What the H---------

Wednesday, September, 10th

Things have been rocking along fairly well here at Friendship for a while and then this is what Tracy finds tonight when she comes for her evening visit.

My toothpaste and toothbrush had been thrown back into my basket of toiletries with complete disregard for any kind of sanitation.  And what the hay is that on my toothbrush???

I have a new toothbrush because Tracy wouldn't consider sterilizing this one since she has no idea what's on it.  Would anyone want this in their mouth?

I don't know what's been going on around here today but, obviously, in addition to a staff worker who had little or no regard for the residents, the kitchen must have been a catastrophe. Dinner was light and all starches, nothing green, no cottage cheese (well, after Tracy complained they did send cottage cheese in at 7:30 but in my way of thinking, dinner had BEEN over.)

Friendship Retirement Community should be ashamed to see this post.  I'll bet the administration's toothbrush doesn't look like this.  Then, maybe it does!!!  

Editor's Note:  These are the kinds of things that make you just want to go punch somebody's lights out!!!  Total and complete disregard for the resident and total and complete stupidity!!!

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