Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello, All!

Tuesday, September 23rd

Here we are - already into fall.  Soon everyone will get busy with holiday plans.  We don't get too excited around here about special days, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are not too bad.  I even think I heard some whispers about a birthday party planned for me sometime around December 19th which is my actual birth date.  (Shhh.  I'll keep you posted.)

I'm getting excited these days about the greeting cards I'm receiving.  Tracy reads every word to me and shows me pictures.  You're all so appreciated for sending them.  Niece Beverly Chrismon, your recent card was such a blessing.  And, Niece Ann Basham, we loved the picture of little Audrey Jane Basham.  Thank you for sending. Tracy gets almost as excited as I do when we share these.

Look who came to visit me recently!  Tracy calls this my "granddog".  Don't know about all that, but it was good to see her.

Harlee was so well behaved when she was here.  Not a single bark or jump.
Obviously, she didn't want to cause alarm.
Anyone besides me think that animals are intuitive?

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