Saturday, February 28, 2015

Is it Springtime yet?

Saturday, February 28th

Hello, All!

Snow, snow, snow - not much else to say.  Anybody up for a sleigh ride?  I used to love the snow when we would build a bonfire (is that rubber I smell burning?) on the hilltop of the pasture near the highway on 122 between our house and the Roades'.  Friends from all around would come for the fun.  Of course, I don't think any of us had sleds that looked like this.  We rode whatever we could find that would stay on top of the snow.  I don't like the cold weather, but it never got too cold for a good ole sledding night.

I'm pretty much the same as usual, some sleepy days, and some days when I'm alert and "talkative." My appetite continues to be well, and since my "fall" when they dropped me, I'm receiving better than usual care.  Guess nobody wants to talk liability.

Stay bundled up and warm.

Love to all,

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