Thursday, April 16, 2015

I've Been Too Quiet!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello, Everybody!

I've kept a pretty low profile recently - been having a few issues with blisters that are apparently connected to my immune system.  One large one on the bottom of my foot kept me in bed for several days, but I'm mobile again (in my wheelchair) and on additional meds to include Prednisone, which sort of kicks me into high gear so I've been a "Chatty Kathy" lately. Yesterday, I surprised Tracy by asking her if she were sad.  Makes everybody wonder where these casual comments come from.

But, as you can see by the photo, I'm doing as well as can be expected.  Friendship Retirement Community continues to send mixed signals, mis-communicate and, in general, just drive Tracy batty. (or battier, if that's a word.) Haha.

I love a good laugh, always did.

Did you remember to file your taxes? I certainly paid my fair share in my day.

Keep dodging the raindrops and enjoy the beauty of Springtime

Love to all,

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